Uniquely Provocative




I currently perform in several groups that cover a variety of genres:


     -The Boys Ranch. Surf Rock/1960s Swing/Classic Rock

Duties: Head Songwriter, Lead Singer, Guitar, Keys, Arranger

Time w/Group: 2014-Present

     -Joshy Soul & The Cool. Soul/R&B/Motown/Neo-Soul

Duties: Trumpet, Glockenspiel, Backing Vocals, Horn Arranger

Time w/ Group: 2013-Present

     -Primitive Programme. Post-Punk/New Wave/Futurist/Synth Pop

Duties: Electric Bass, Backing Vocals, Synths, Producer, Arranger

Time w/Group: Jan. 2016 - Present

     -King Strang & The Stranglers. Old-Time Swing/Jazz/Delta Blues

Duties: Trumpet, Composer

Time w/Group: Sept. 2016 - Present

   -Static Replica. (Joseph Michael Pedersen) Rock/Indie/Classic Rock

Duties: Bass Guitar. Backup vocals.

Time w/Group: 2017-Present

Additional Live Performance Experience:

In addition to all of the aforementioned groups, I have also participated, or currently participate in:

-50 Piece University Wind Ensemble                    -20 Piece Choir

-Big Band Jazz Ensemble                                     -Comedy Show House Band

-TV Talk Show House Band                                   -Symphonic (Strings/Brass/Percussion)

-Sally Bytheway Christmas Chorale (Trumpet)     -Street Busking in America & Europe

-Small Jazz Combos                                             -Rock, Indie, Soul, Surf, Folk, Pop, Hip Hop, Swing Cover Bands


Studio Musician Work:

I have completed studio session work with the following artists: (all trumpet work unless otherwise noted)

-KITFOX (Trump., French horn)                                             -JOSHY SOUL (Trump., Glockenspiel, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Organ)

-STRANGE JOY                                                                    -PRIMITIVE PROGRAMME (Electric Bass, Synths, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar)

-JP HAYNIE                                                                         -ST. BOHEME (Trump., Euphonium, Glockenspiel, Ukulele, Vibraphone, Fr. Horn, Guitar, Marimba)

-LUKE WILLIAMS                                                                -DANIEL ORME

-THE BOYS RANCH (Vocals, GTR, Bass, Perc., Trump, Keys) 

-DENNEY FULLER & HIS ELABORATE ELVES (Trumpet, Vocals, Uke, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Euphonium)

-GOTHEN (Trump, Euphonium, Banjo, Glockenspiel, Brass Arrangements)           

-AUGUSTIST KING (Jazz/Blues Trumpet Hooks for Hip-Hop/Rap, Guitar, Electric Bass)

-JOE, THE PRODUCER (Trumpet, Euphonium, Guitar, Electric Bass, Glockenspiel, Vocals, Key Bass)

-DAVID ROLAS (Latin Grammy Nominated Producer/Artist) 

-NAYI (Latin artist)                                                               -QUIET TALKERS (Trumpet, guitar, aux percussion, brass/string arrangements)

-KING STRANG & THE STRANGLERS (brass arrangements)  -GOSSIP GHOUL (Trumpet, Vocals, Electric Bass)

-ASHLEY HESS                                                                     -JAMES GRAY DAWSON (James the 8th)

-THE FABULOUS FLYNN'S TONES                                        -GIRAFFULA     

-SHANGHAII (Guitar)                                                           -BRADLEY KNUDSEN (Trumpet, Piano, Percussion) 

-FRANKIE J (Trumpet, Guitar)                                               -BROKEN SILENCE/FREEMIND MOVEMENT (Trumpet, Euphonium)

-SELFMYTH                                                                          -DAY SOUNDS (Trumpet, Euphonium, Glockenspiel)   


-THE POPPEES (horn arranging, glockenspiel, vocals)